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I got "Failed to save the license file.. blah blah".

Failed to save the license file: Error Domain=NSCocoa Error Domain Code=513 "The operation couldn't be completed. (Cocoa error 513)" UserInfo= {NSFile Path=/var/mobile/library/keyboard/net.9eyecolorkeyboard:license:device. NSUnderlyingError=Oxced9220. The operation couldn't be completed. Permission denied"}


CK needs permission to write Keyboard directory.

(1) If you can use terminal on your iPhone as root,

 $ chown mobile: /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/
 $ chmod u+rwx /var/mobile/Library/Keyboard/

(2) Or, If you have an iFile,

 -. Goto /var/mobile/Library

- Tap a blue arrow on Keyboard directory.

- Modify Ownership.

Owner: mobile
Group: mobile

[Access Permissions]
User: Read, Write, Execute