Now, Color Keyboard is availabe on the AppStore for iOS8.

 Color Keyboard works with iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ For v1.1 ]

#1. Previous CK themes was located in /Applications/ColorKeyboard.app/Themes/.
      But I moved it to /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes/ in v1.1

   If you make your own themes for v1.0, you have to move files to new folder.
  • The old folder: /Applications/ColorKeyboard.app/Themes/*
  • The new folder: /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes/

#2. Where is the Color Keyboard Folders?
  •    /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes/
  •    /Library/ColorKeyboard/Popups/
  •    /Library/ColorKeyboard/Backgrounds_Landscape/
  •    /

   You can add your own themes or background images.

#3. What's the size of the background image?

   Portrait: 320x216 (Retina: 640x432)
   Landscape: 480x162 (Retina: 960x324)

#4. How can I use iMatte themes?

   You have to check 'iMatte Keyboard' and choose background style which you want.


   Do you want more iMatte themes?

#5. How can I make the keys get more round?

   Use 'Border Radius' Slider.

#6. How can I clear background?

   Enable custom background. and don't select background image. you'll get cleared background.


#7. I use black theme. But it shows the white on the bottom left/right side.


   Maybe you don't want to see the white in background.
   Enable the plugin 'BG_Opaque_Black'.

#8 . I got "Failed to save the license file: .... blah blah".
Failed to save the license file: Error Domain=NSCocoa Error Domain. Code =513
   Please see this page.

#9. It says that "This might mean you need to manually fix this package." and can't install it.


   On Cydia, Please tap "Changes" and tap "Refresh".
   After finishing refresh, try it again.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ Ads ]

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ For v1.0 ]

1. It doesn't work for me.(red background) What's the problem?

  Please purchase license first. only BigBoss version is real.

2. I already bought this app. But It's still not work.

  Remove 'Color Keyboard' from cydia. and install 'Color Keyboard' again. (Don't use Reinstall)
  and remove 'Black Keyboard' tweak. 'Black Keyboard' is not compatible with 'Color Keyboard'.

3. I can't find this. Where is this?

 You must wait for downloading package list on Cydia app. Don't tap cancel button after launching Cydia app.

4. Does 'Color Keyboard' use iAcces?


5. Is this compatible with 5-row-keyboard?


6. Will you add some more theme?


7. I made an awesome theme. How can I share this?

 Please email me. I'll post your theme on Theme gallery.
 I consider that I'll add your theme to package with your name if you want it.

8. Can I change the color of key popup?

  Yes, you can.


  Please, download this.
  This is winterboard theme. You should use winterboard to change popup color.

9. Any plans to make this compatible with the iPad? Is that even possible?

  I don't have an iPad.
  But It's technically possible to apply this to iPad.

10. With iReal SMS/BiteSMS on the home screen (volume up and tap to send a quick text/reply) it doesn't work.

  I only change 'iPhone-Standard' keyboard in most themes.
  You can change 'iPhone-Alert' keyboard.
  Please see this page.

  But, I made a new version for you. I just copied properties of iPhone-Standard to iPhone-Alert.
  You can download updated pink, and black themes.
  Extract this to /Applications/ColorKeyboard.app/Themes/.
  And setting app > Color Keyboard > Select Theme > uncheck Pink > check Pink > Save & Respring.

11. How do I put my own picture on the keyboard?

  Replace your picture with /Applications/ColorKeyboard.app/Themes/BackgroundImage/ColorKeyboard.png
  Activate a 'Background Image' theme.
  If you already use this theme, please uncheck 'Background Image' > check 'Background Image' > Save&Respring.

  Sorry, the landscape mode is not supported yet. I'll add it in next version.

YooSeung Kim,
Apr 19, 2011, 10:06 AM
YooSeung Kim,
Apr 19, 2011, 10:06 AM